*Big Sighs*

Just a normal talk, yep! (Thomas and Peter) [Backdated to Dec 1st!]

Peter had been busy confirming reservations for his anniversary the next day when Thomas pranced in his front door. Peter held his finger up to his best friend who mimed locking his lips and throwing away the key. "Seven thirty? Okay, thank you very much. Yes, we'll see you then." Peter hung up the phone and then he smiled. "They had to rearrange our dinner booking, but it's all worked out. How are you, Thomas?"

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About time, dudes (Thomas/Spectre)

Spectre had been staying at Deirdre’s since having a fight with Thomas that had ended badly. Both of them being interrupted by their son James who had overheard much of the fight. Spectre had told himself he was giving Thomas time, but the truth was that he didn’t want to speak to Thomas. He was avoiding it with all his might, as he was sure that the second he finally confronted his husband again, their marriage would be over. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that.

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Anger yes

Fight! (Thomas, Spectre and then James)

After his talk with Abby and what had happened with Erin, Thomas decided talking to Spectre couldn't wait. There was something wrong in their relationship and clearly Spectre was content to simply ignore it and continue on as if it wasn't there. Thomas couldn't do it any more. He was tired of feeling uncomfortable in his home and dodging his family. Tired of sleeping on the sofa and wondering when his husband would come home, if at all.

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He tries so hard (Anna, Peter)

Anna had her hands wrapped around the cold chains of the swing she was sitting dejectedly on. She had the toe of one of her shoes dug into the dirt beneath the swing and she was using that foot to push her slowly back and forth, back and forth. The wind had come up slightly and the sky was darkening, but Anna didn't want to go inside. Not yet.

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Close Down

Hawkward (Thomas, Spectre) [Backdated!]

One of the drawbacks of not speaking to his husband very often, was that he had no idea when Spectre was due to return from Greece. After his talk with Stephie, Thomas had thought hard about how things had been between them and he had been so distracted by worrying about the state of their relationship and the people who had gone to help with the rescue mission against the Templar, that Thomas had sort of even forgotten Spectre was gone. It wasn't as if they saw much of each other when Spectre was around.

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Blank face

Our Secret (Mara, Anna)

Being grounded couldn't really keep Anna from leaving the house. She was an angel and the moment her family went to bed, she crawled out the attic window onto the roof, and she took to flight. It was a short trip to Mara's house, and Anna landed in the tree nearest Mara's window with the grace of the ballet dancer she was.

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Teenagers, man... (Jeremy, Lydia, Anna, Aly)

Jeremy had spent most of his life as a hunter, so it might have seemed strange that he was so incredibly fond of children. In fact, he was great with kids, and his nieces and nephews were among his favourite people on the planet. He did, however, find Lydia and Anna's teenage squabbles tiring at times. He had to mutter under his breath that they would grow up eventually.

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Hole in my Chest, Black and White Serious

After the attack (Peter, Razvan, open to fighters but can stand alone)

The rescue mission to save those Dead Meat prisoners from the clutches of the Templar hadn't exactly gone as planned. Not only had they been too late to save six of the seventeen prisoners, but the Glasgow Templar stronghold had turned out to be better guarded than they had anticipated. And even though Gavin had given them a correct layout of the building, the rescue operation still hadn't been easy or without sacrifice.

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Heretics (Templar, Dead Meat)

During the raid on the Dead Meat safehouse in Aberdeen, seventeen members of the mercenary group had been apprehended. Those seventeen members were quickly taken to the large Templar outpost on the outskirts of Glasgow for sentencing.

Dead Meat had been a thorn in the Templar's side for decades. The mercenary group thwarted their plans over and over again, and it could not be tolerated. The moment someone tipped them off as to the location of a safehouse, they were there to exact retribution. And the members of such a group would not be treated with clemency.

Bishop Macnamara stood in front of the tribunal which was attended by twenty or so Templar in hoods and robes, watching over the seventeen warriors who were chained together at the hands and feet. The bishop read a mass and then pronounced that God had smiled on them that day. Sinners had been delivered to them and the Templar would do their duty.

"It is God's will that you be punished, burned in the purifying flames for your sins which you commit as readily as breathing." Macnamara smiled to himself as the seventeen assembled warriors gasped, some cursing them. It was all useless. God was with them here in this place.

The Templar rarely burned so many heretics at once. They only had two pyres. And so it was decided that they would burn two an hour, holding a mass for each one, until they were rid of the murderers in their midst who sought to stop God's good work.

"God be with you."