May 14th, 2006


Pierre / Evey / Deirdre - Having fun - G

Pierre wandered downstairs happily to meet the new guest. He loved meeting new people, and now of all times it was a welcome distraction. He stepped into her doorway and found her decorating her room, which apparently required the wearing of very small shorts.

"Hummanah," he said as he caught sight of her lovely legs, then coughed to hide the nonsensical sound. "I mean, hello Evey!"

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Just Want to Be A Buttercup, Tutu

Princess Peter (Peter/The Girls/Robert/Deirdre/Evanna) Rating: PG

Peter had been awake all night, waiting to be able to phone Rolf very early in the morning. He'd also been worried about the hang up call, he'd recieved. Was it Tuesday, or was it Deirdre? After phoning Rolf several times, he was told by one of the monks, that Rolf was a busy man and he'd call him when he got the chance. He was also asked rather snarkily if he thought it was really appropriate for him to be calling the monastery, to which he had replied it was more appropriate than asking him that. He had called Tuesday as well, but to no avail. He HAD gotten ahold of Deirdre, however, who assured him that everything was fine and asked him if she could come over later. He agreed.

Now, Peter was lying on the sofa, as Lydia and Anna sat on the floor watching some terrible animated movie about some faeries or something. Peter's eyelids drooped. was so boring. He knew he shouldn't fall asleep. Robert was out on a head clearing walk and Emma and Liz had gone to finalise things with Liz's children's shelter. He should NOT fall asleep while watching his kids. But his eyelids grew heavier and heavier and finally, sleep claimed him.

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Tasha / Slink - Bonding - G

Tasha pottered about her room, getting her Zim DVDs together and also attempting to find some respectable amount of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Non-alchoholic cos, you know, she might want to mix her drinks or something.

It'd be nice to have company. Life could get pretty lonely without Renee and the boys. Not that Pierre would give her the time of day any more. Not that she'd want him to, either, but still.

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