November 19th, 2010


Count my blessings until I break (Quinn, Eamon, Adrina)

Quinn returned from Deirdre's wedding feeling depressed and sort of sick to his stomach. Giles had cheated on Deirdre. The man he had trusted with his dear friend's happiness with had broken her heart at her wedding. And all he could think about was his own missing husband.

Flynn had known this would happen. He had said it. And Quinn had wanted to believe that Flynn was wrong.

And now Flynn had broken Quinn's heart too. He was alone and Deirdre's wedding had only reminded him of it. He missed his husband like a part of himself.

It all hurt too much and Quinn simply pulled his suit coat and shirt off on his way to his room. He changed into pajamas there and then, with one glance at his empty bed, he abandoned his room altogether for his housemate's.

Adrina next to her boyfriend when Quinn moved into her room. Her boyfriend happened to be Quinn's brother, which luckily made it slightly less awkward when Quinn crawled into bed and curled his arm around his best friend who had her arm curled around Eamon.

And there, with two of the people he loved most in the world, he found sleep knowing that neither of them would ever forsake him.
Cry, Broken, Cry Cry

Dream State (Thomas, Spectre, Dream!Amaris, Dream!Paige) {Warning: dream assaulty ickyness}

The demon Amaris haunts Thomas’ dreams more often that he will ever admit, because he is too proud and he doesn't want his loved ones to know the power she has over him. It is a struggle every day just to get the things she did to him out of his mind and at night he has no defences. He has no husband to smile at him, his expression reassuring. He has no children around him to distract him with ever more curious questions about the world. He is alone with his dreams and she always finds him.

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Counting my blessings until I break

The Wedding Mistake (Deirdre, Giles, Wedding people, Marina, COMPLETELY OPEN)

Deirdre was so unbelievably and indescribably happy.

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