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Princess Peter (Peter/The Girls/Robert/Deirdre/Evanna) Rating: PG

Peter had been awake all night, waiting to be able to phone Rolf very early in the morning. He'd also been worried about the hang up call, he'd recieved. Was it Tuesday, or was it Deirdre? After phoning Rolf several times, he was told by one of the monks, that Rolf was a busy man and he'd call him when he got the chance. He was also asked rather snarkily if he thought it was really appropriate for him to be calling the monastery, to which he had replied it was more appropriate than asking him that. He had called Tuesday as well, but to no avail. He HAD gotten ahold of Deirdre, however, who assured him that everything was fine and asked him if she could come over later. He agreed.

Now, Peter was lying on the sofa, as Lydia and Anna sat on the floor watching some terrible animated movie about some faeries or something. Peter's eyelids drooped. God...it was so boring. He knew he shouldn't fall asleep. Robert was out on a head clearing walk and Emma and Liz had gone to finalise things with Liz's children's shelter. He should NOT fall asleep while watching his kids. But his eyelids grew heavier and heavier and finally, sleep claimed him.

The next thing Peter knew, he was being awakened by the click of the front door shutting. He sat up as his two little girls stared at him, smiling from ear to ear.

"What?" he asked them sleepily. "Is the..movie over?" They nodded and then he heard someone enter the room. It was Emma and Liz. Peter turned to look at her and Emma immediatly fell to the floor laughing. "What?!"

Liz covered her mouth with her hands and managed to choke out, "Girls...what are you doing?" between giggles.

"Making daddy pretty!" Squealed Anna. Emma let out a screaming laugh and beat at the floor with her hands, tears streaming down her face.

Liz closed her eyes, "Well you certainly did that!"

Before Peter got a chance to ask what was going on, Robert came through the front door. he entered the living room, took one glance at Peter, and spun on his heel leaving the room again. His huge booming laugh echoing throughout the house.

"WHAT!? Is there something on my face?!" Peter asked frantically. Emma screamed again and gasped for air.

"You could say that, Peter." Liz said. "This'll teach you to fall asleep while watching little girls. She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the downstairs bathroom. Peter stared at himself in the mirror. He had blue eyeshadow on his eyes, and his lips were the brightest of pinks. He has so much blusher on his cheeks that he looked like he'd just run a marathon. The girls had completed their masterpiece by applying glitter to every available surface.

"I look like Bozo's girlfriend!" He shouted at his reflection. Oustide, Emma choked and laughed again.

"You look like something!" Liz said, pulling Peter back into the living room.

Peter looked into the faces of the girls that had done this to him. "What am I supposed to be?"

"The princess from the movie! Princess Strawberry CocoButterLove!" Lydia cried as Robert finally reentered the room.

"I am callin' ya that from now on, Peter!" Robert said, joyfully.

"No!" Peter yelled, but he had to admit that this was terribly hilarious. And he HAD fallen asleep. A knock sounded at the door.

"I'll get it, you'll scare them away." Liz said, giggling. She ran to the front door and was incredibly pleased to see Deirdre there with another girl. "Oh...Deirdre...You HAVE to go see what the girls did to Peter. Go quick before he washes it off!"

Deirdre nodded and pulled Evanna with her into the living room. When she saw Peter, her mouth fell open. "Wow...Peter. Hello there! This is my cousin, Evey. Usually he doesn't look so coiffed, Evey. He must have heard you were coming." Deirdre said, grinning.

Peter put his face in his hands. "Is EVERYBODY going to come over and see me like this?" he uncovered his face just as someone's camera flash went off.

"They'll see it now!" Emma cried from the floor. She put her camera back in her purse triumphantly and burst into another fit of giggles.

Peter looked around at all of them. "Princess Strawberry CocoButterLove will be back in a minute. He has to wash his face." And he did.
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