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Darker London-Uncover what is underneath...

An Original RPG

Darker London
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And if your pain should ease, it means new disaster's on the way.

Your Guide to Darker London

This is the place where all our children from Darker London play with one another. We have, among our ranks, published and award winning authors. Most posts are locked and membership is closely monitored so if you wish to join, please email father.peter.kemp@gmail.com and your query will be answered shortly. Please stop just sending membership requests. It's confusing. Thank you.

To apply, go Here

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darkest_london - Darker London's OOC Community. ^_^
altered_london - Darker London's AU and Fic Community! Here

Calendar View for Backstory Here

Darker London is an original RPG and all the events contained within are fictional, and belong to the writers. We do not endorse any kind of illegal activity whatsoever. Quite the opposite, actually.

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